New Student Offer

Call to schedule your first complimentary lesson! Our Arthur Murray Westlake instructors are specially trained and certified in the many forms of social and ballroom dancing! We can put you in touch with today's most popular dances to make you comfortable in social or competitive settings. Whether you're dancing at your wedding or at a dance competition, our instructors will have you dancing on your feet in no time!

Wedding Dances

We will help you create a magical moment where the two of you can enjoy the closeness of one another, dancing to a special song without feeling awkward. The investment of time and money will be the best one you make for your wedding day. In one year or twenty, you can still be dancing together by taking your first steps here!

Dances We Teach

In dance, the first step is often the hardest! We will help you discover the various worlds of Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Social Partnership Dancing. No partner needed, but after taking classes with us, you should have no problem finding one!

Welcome to your new studio!